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The principal’s experience was gained whilst working for several very different multi-national insurers in a risk management role and later in a new subsidiary aimed at providing this service to the widest spectrum of clients. This allowed his knowledge and experience to be extended into the broker and direct client market and has been supplemented by more than 11 years successfully operating City Risk Management.

This experience has resulted in a dedicated professional who has a practical ‘hands on’ approach to risk management, loss control and problem solving which few can approach. Assignments in the Caribbean, Africa and Eastern Europe have ensured that we are more than capable of operating throughout the UK or adapting to any overseas environment.




The nature and variety of risks inspected over many years encompasses the vast majority of commercial and manufacturing sectors of modern business, including:



  •   Food & Drink

  •   Property

  •   Information Technology


  •   Hospitality

  •   Construction

  •   Telecomms


  •   Health

  •   Engineering

  •   Electronics


  •   Education

  •   Plastics

  •   Financial Services


  •   Public Sector

  •   Textiles

  •   Warehousing


  •   Retailing

  •   Timber Industry

  •   Transport


  •   Leisure

  •   Automotive

  •   Utilities


  •   Media & Printing

  •   Chemicals & Paint

  •   Support Services




    These will vary according to the complexity of the risk and the type of report required. City Risk Management can provide a range of services and formats which can be tailored to suit individual needs ensuring that value for money and cost effectiveness are given priority. See Terms & Conditions for full business terms.

    If sufficient information about the risk and the type of survey required is made available at the enquiry stage, then we will be pleased to offer guidance on the charges likely to be incurred.

    Relationships which develop between the City Risk Management, the Underwriter or Broker and the Client are important elements of the professional service. Subsequent discussions about any aspect of the inspection or report therefore do not incur additional charges.