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Product Liability investigations aimed at determining the exposures from articles manufactured or supplied can be undertaken. These will assess the adequacy of any quality procedures including packaging, labelling, etc.




A report which will consider the risks to the public from activities on the site, including an assessment of exposure from pollution, if required.




Training on a wide range of loss prevention skills can be provided, aimed at ensuring that the client and/or his staff has the requisite knowledge to identify hazards, take a sound practical approach to their removal or protection and generally enhance their own Risk Management programmes. This approach may be considered beneficial to many companies and their staff, with training and instruction tailored to suit individual requirements.




A range of services can be provided or arranged, including:



  •   Approvals and assessments of fire, security and safety systems


  •   Building valuations for insurance purposes


  •   Post loss recovery by project managers


  •   Computer Training - Contact our associate company Learn121