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City Risk Management offers different levels of reporting. These will vary according to the degree of detail and depth of investigation required by our clients. Whilst we have 'standard' reports available to suit many, we do emphasise that our aim is to provide both services and reports which are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers. We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements.


By using established Risk Management and Loss Control techniques to identify and assess the loss exposures, we provide a professional service giving guidance on how a company or organisation can best eliminate, reduce, control or protect risks which may have an adverse effect on its business. Good risk management is therefore both efficient and cost effective.


Our reports are:

  •   Specifically tailored to suit the requirements of the customer

  •   Acceptable in quality to all parties concerned

  •   Cost-efficient and commensurate with that available from large organisations

  •   Effective in the assessment of risk

  •   Geared to submissions, marketing advantage and ensuring competitiveness

  •   Contain high quality professional advice

  •   Practical in their approach to managing risks and minimising losses




    These are designed to meet specific requirements and contain the highest technical content featuring a description of risk, detailed analysis and loss control, and may be used individually or within a more comprehensive report. The professional presentation includes photographs, flow-charts and diagrams to illustrate appropriate details. Slides or other media can also be supplied.




    With all reports, any relevant Risk Improvement point which could help to eliminate or reduce the risks/hazards will be included. Subject to instruction, we will be pleased to re-visit in order to ascertain the client’s compliance with warranties and/or the Risk Improvement programme. In urgent cases a status report can be promptly communicated to the customer.