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City Risk Management has prepared a variety of Guidance Documents, Risk Assessment forms and Fire Safety information.
These are available for you to download and make use of within your organisation. See Terms & Conditions for full copyright restrictions.




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Electrical Inspections

Gives guidance and information on why electrical inspections are necessary, both from the Regulatory viewpoint and fire safety concerns of Insurers. Contains information on suitable organisations to contact for an independent inspection.

Fire Risk Assessment

An example of a risk assessment form for use within your organisation.

Best Practice Guide

Originally designed to provide guidance on achieving best practice within the leisure industry, the measures suggested are applicable to all operations.

Fire Training Record

Record details of fire training undertaken by employees.

Hot Work Permit

An example of a three part permit which can be used on your premises, with excellent guidance on how to control this hazardous work.

LPG Cylinders

The problems associated with disposing of old LPG cylinders can be immense. The LP Gas Association maintain records of all companies who may have supplied cylinders but no longer trade. Other companies will retrieve these on their behalf and contact details are contained within downloaded file.

Fire Safety

Guidance notes on what recent changes in fire safety legislation, following the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 mean to your organisation.

Self Inspections

A program of self inspection is an important aspect of fire prevention and needs constant attention. An example of a self inspection form which can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Sprinkler Test Card

A blank Test Card for recording weekly sprinkler bell test results as well as information on what to do in the event of the sprinklers being disconnected for any reason.