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City Risk Management has prepared a variety of Guidance Documents, Risk Assessment forms and other Health & Safety information.
These are available for you to download and make use of within your organisation. See Terms & Conditions for full copyright restrictions.




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Accident Investigation

Recording information for reporting accidents to the HSE is one thing. Keeping detailed records of what has happened, who witnessed it and what can be done to prevent it is another. Use this form for your own investigations and the provision of information to Insurers.

Contractors Insurance Form

Make sure any contractors have the correct insurance cover and provide you with details, before they start work!

Display Screen Risk Assessment

Complete your risk assessment of Display Screen Equipment used by your employees.

First Aid Risk Assessment

Monitor your first aid needs.

General Risk Assessment

The first stage of risk assessment. Consider where the risks lie within your workplace and decide which of these need further investigation or individual risk assessment.

Hazard Detection Report

Use this form to allow reporting of hazards so that remedial action can be taken. Don't wait for the accident to occur!

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Use this to make assessments of manual handling within your workplace.

Medical Questionnaire

There is a need to be aware of health problems, new and existing, among your workforce. Use this to review the health of your employees and prevent them being exposed to greater risks.

PAT Inspection Form

Record details of tests undertaken on portable electrical appliances.

PPE Record Sheet

Record what personal protective equipment has been issued to members of your staff, when the items were replaced and why.

PUWER Risk Assessment

Use this form when carrying out assessments of work equipment and machinery.

Riddor Report Form

Record the information required when reporting incidents to the HSE.

Workplace Risk Assessment

Use this form when assessing the physical condition of the workplace and how it might affect the health and safety of employees.