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This inspection and report is intended to provide Underwriters with extensive information allowing them to assess adequately their exposures and rates. Details include a description of the physical aspects of the risk; the occupation, processes and hazards involved; the protections afforded or proposed and their adequacy; expert opinion in respect of management, condition, loss estimates etc. Reports include plans and photographs where necessary and, when applicable, improvements designed to eliminate or minimise risks.


For direct clients we provide the same assessments so that they may determine where their risks are, what they are, how they might affect the company and what can be done to minimise them.




Augmenting the material damage survey, this provides information on the nature of the business, diversification, inter-dependence, suppliers, customers, employees, etc., as well as the ability of the business to return to normal after a major incident, ie reconstruction, replacement of machinery and stocks, alternative sources of production, and the like.


A realisation of the potential financial losses during the forthcoming months or even years, will lead management to consider other measures aimed at protecting the business and ensuring survival.




City Risk Management has considerable expertise in Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Planning and can offer assistance to clients in a number of key areas. These include the identification of hazards, the application of preventative measures and the preparation of a contingency plan all aimed at maintaining business momentum in the event of a disaster, large or small. This experience allowed us to produce a e-plan called "The First Step" (available in a number of word processing formats) so that clients can formulate their own personalised plan of action with the minimum of time and effort.


When adequate preparations have been put into place, and have been fully tested, Business Continuity Planning is attractive to Insurers, and Clients taking this route could benefit from discounted premiums. More importantly, their business will be much better placed to survive.


Further insight into "The First Step" e-plan is available by viewing a PowerPoint presentation. Download the presentation for your own use or to illustrate to your clients.  Click here to download