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City Risk Management provides expert and unbiased Risk Management services for your business.


These services include Property Inspections where an assessment is made of the exposure to fire, perils (e.g. storm, flood, etc), theft and loss of money including the need for both active and passive fire and security protections. Similar procedures are adopted in Business Interruption surveys when considering how the operations and profitability of the business might be affected by such losses; or when Health and Safety hazards are to be considered. These are all geared towards minimising your company's exposures to loss and can be supplemented by Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Planning, which aims to ensure the business will survive.


By using established Risk Management and Loss Control techniques to identify and assess the loss exposures, City Risk Management offers a professional service giving guidance on how a company can best eliminate, reduce, control or protect risks which may have an adverse effect on its business. Good risk management is therefore both efficient and cost effective.




The service offered is a truly independent one which has no links, financial or otherwise, to any other company. A key value is its integrity and great care is taken to avoid any potential conflict of interest. We simply apply the principle that we will not knowingly accept work which may prejudice an existing customer’s portfolio.


City Risk Management has an unbiased approach and will maintain a professional and confidential stance on all work undertaken. Any information which is obtained from the survey inspection or during any discussions will remain confidential. Reports prepared for any risk will remain confidential and will not be released to any other organisation without permission.


We maintain Professional Indemnity insurance cover with a recognised Insurer.




For the insurance market, our primary aim is to provide accurate and meaningful assessments of risks to support successful underwriting or broking.


For direct clients, we provide similar assessments so that they may determine what and where their risks are, how they might affect operations and what can be done to minimise them.